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HD 00:08 Smile hud holographic symbol on digital old tv screen seamless loop glitch interference animation new dynamic retro joyful colorful retro vintage video footage #31311238
4K 00:20 animation - modern like pink icon on white background. 4K video. Animation with alpha channel #16674283
HD 00:17 A robotic arm moves the metal fingers and child fingers gently touch them. The symbolic meeting, contact #23603182
4K 00:20 4K social media red heart counter, shows likes over time on a white background with alpha matte #1012392038
4K 00:12 Display stock market numbers and graph on street #31698862
4K 00:11 Comments, Likes, Follower counter Increase Quickly Animation with User Interface #1008524293
4K 00:20 Aerial view. Flight over the grid, 80s Retro Sci-fi. #15389950
HD 00:36 Close-up on a retro calendar changing dates from 1 to 31. Filmed with studio light on a gray background. #28553599
4K 00:06 sunset twilight eiffel tower blue sky down to top view paris 4k time lapse france #12657851
HD 00:08 social love heart icon symbol animation across on green screen #30175315
HD 00:30 Floating lanterns in Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration in Chiangmai, Thailand. Wide angle view. #5092781
HD 00:20 New York City buildings, overhead aerial shot #4580135
HD 00:29 Statue of Liberty at dusk #4580147
HD 00:30 American flags on display for Memorial Day or July 4th. Three dimensional rendering animation. View from above. #26808238
HD 00:30 Manhattan financial district at dusk, aerial shot #4580087
4K 00:25 summer day paris cityscape famous arch de triumph traffic circle aerial panorama 4k time lapse france #29776381
4K 00:16 Aerial view Statue of Liberty 4K #21750733
4K 00:20 Retro Futuristic.Flight over the grid and sunset. 80s Retro Sci-fi. #21398209
HD 00:18 SANSAI, CHIANGMAI, THAILAND - NOV 24: Yee Peng Festival, Loy Krathong celebration with more than a thousand floating lanterns in Chiangmai, Thailand on November 24, 2012 #3389084
4K 00:20 4K social media red heart counter, shows likes over time on a white background with alpha matte #1012392029
HD 00:10 camera flight in maths world seamless loop #3378929
HD 00:20 Beauty girl making heart with her hands over sea background. Happy young woman. Silhouette hand in heart shape with sunset inside. Vacation concept. Summer holidays. Tourism. Slow motion 240 fps 1080p #7091377
HD 00:30 White bird flapping on black background shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. #4629521
HD 00:23 Man holding and waving Checkered race flag in slow motion at finish line on a raceway. Victory, achievement, success and sport concept. #31709311
HD 00:28 Statue of Liberty at dusk #4657517
4K 00:08 Loading Hourglass Cursor Loop Animation with Alpha Channel #1007120428
HD 00:29 Aerial shot of New York City financial district #4662053
4K 00:10  A Billboard with a Green Screen on a Busy Night Street.Time Lapse. #15819577
HD 00:20 Animation of typing mathematics and physics formulas in abstract digital space. Animation of seamless loop. #18115279

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