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4K 00:17 Close-up of a Man's Hands Working on Green Screen on a Laptop. In Background Blurred and Brightly Lit Office where One Man Approaches the Other and They Have Discussion. Shot on RED EPIC (uhd). #22521139
HD 00:11 Golden Confetti Party Popper Explosion on a Green and Black Backgrounds. 3d animation, Full HD 1080. look for more options in my portfolio #32161687
HD 00:12 White Shark Swim Fast Loop Side Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation #27019324
HD 00:14 Notebook with track Green screen #5499950
4K 00:08 Man Watches Green Mock-up Screen TV while Sitting on a Couch at Home in the Evening. Cozy Living Room with Warm Lights. Over the Shoulder Shot. #1020144451
HD 00:15 Male hand holding smart phone with green screen. Man using mobile phone while standing near window. Back view shot. Chroma key #26750194
HD 00:30 Falling snow green screen  #4570898
4K 00:09 Man at Home Lying on a Couch using Smartphone with Green Mock-up Screen, Doing Swiping, Scrolling Gestures. Screen Has Tracking Markers. Over the Shoulder Camera Shot. #1020934141
HD 00:05 White Shark Attack Loop Front Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation #27019339
HD 00:15 Lighting strikes on green screen background animation. Thunderstorm footage video. #28290802
4K 00:25 One guy holding in arms electronics gadget with greenscreen touchpad, scrolling and tapping on the knee close up. Human sit and use handheld cellphone in airport lounge zone. Relax mood in internet #33932524
HD 00:30 A man uses a tablet computer outside at Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Green screen and corner markers included for advanced motion tracking. #4767638
HD 00:50 Animation with clouds connecting to multiple devices in chroma key #3019372
HD 00:12 Beautiful young girl dancing against green screen
HD 00:19 Female runner #2851171
HD 00:17 African Elephant eating and moving. Original Green screen animation #1147021
HD 00:28 Two young men in casual standing and talking. Back view. Footage with alpha channel. File format - mov. Codeck - PNG+Alpha Combine these footage with other people to make crowd effect #9449867
HD 00:07 doves  #1216375
HD 00:14 Business Woman walk, and talk on the phone, on a green screen backround #5226191
HD 00:08 green screen male model walking towards camera #3215977
HD 00:13 Young Businessman Virtual Board Gestures Full GS

Footage was shot against green screen and is keyed out
The background is pure green that's why removing the green is easy
Green spills are removed #3312494
HD 00:13 Basketball player passing the ball in slow motion on green screen #4049992
4K 00:49 a flock of birds flies left to right along the horizon to greenscreen #1008092683
HD 00:20 Closeup of sexy woman's behind in red panties #2797918
HD 00:20 Male walking to work #2850988
HD 00:24 couple playing over green screen #260002
HD 00:23 Closeup woman young holding hand using smart phone unrecognisable face green screen chromakey white digital device seashore sea resort palms background rich lifestyle modern technology tapping display #31600468
HD 00:06 man running and stopping. green screen background. male person people. stop and go #3215965
4K 00:16 Three options of a flock of birds (sparrows) flying or swooping across the frame, with green background. #1007536837
4K 00:08 Team of Industrial Engineers Have Important Meeting. Presentation Display Shows Mock-up Green Screen. In the Background Factory is Seen. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. #28698403

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